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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  December 9, 2009 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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it is a major step in overhauling health care but not all democrats may be onboard. and police in florida released the frantic 911 calls from tiger woods' home as speculation builds over the golf star's sponsors. are they starting to abandon tiger? first, start off with developing news. president obama is meeting with congressional leaders to discuss unemployment and this recession. this as the white house is expected to extend the $700 billion bank bailout fund until next october. now the obama administration also plans to dedicate $175 billion of that fund known as t.a.r.p. money to help reduce the deficit, the amount the treasury expects to be repaid by banks through 2010. savannah guthrie is live for us at the white house. savannah, let's start off with this big meeting, a bipartisan effort by the president. what can you tell us? >> reporter: his meeting with the congressional leaders and obviously has to get them to buy in his concept. when we heard the president's
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jobs speech yesterday there was no question a lot of the details will be left a congress of the size and scope of this jobs initiative. some early estimates from the hill is that it will cost at least $150 billion just to extend the unemployment benefits and the cobra, those health insurance benefits for the jobless will cost more than $100 billion. another $50 billion we know the white house wants in terms of infrastructure projects, which they hope will create jobs and then a whole host of other things, small business tax cuts, that kind of thing. so the real issue will be getting the democrats onboard, coalescing around a proposal. some of these things they would like to see done by the end of the year if possible. others will have to wait. >> this is interesting this bipartisan effort. as you and the political team note, this is all at the same time the republicans are really blasting the president especially after that speech he gave on the economy yesterday saying that this administration is simply trying to spend its way out of a problem. >> reporter: yeah, and it's a really interesting moment for the republicans, too, because
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there's this real difficult question for any politician and that is do you spend money you basically don't have in order to spur job growth because, frankly, it's job growth and growth in the economy that really will have the most impact on bringing the deficit down, or do you say, look, we don't have the money to spend on these jobs initiatives. we have to get the deficit down. and this is all revolving around the t.a.r.p. money now. i think you really see the administration threading the needle. about $150 billion of the t.a.r.p. was never spent at all and that is what the administration proposes to basically send back to government coffers and saying that could be spent on these jobs initiatives. it still adds to the deficit. as for the money that wall street will pay back, it's $175 billion through 2010 but all told about $245 billion. they say that will go to pay down the deficit. that's an example of the administration really trying to walk the line and do a little bit of both. >> savannah guthrie live this
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morning. thanks a lot. and senate democrats have reached a tentative crow mice on one of the most contentious parts of the bill. it will no longer include the public option as we've all come to know it. instead the government would contract with a nonprofit insurer to provide a nationwide plan. majority leader harry reid is describing this deal as a broad compromise. >> all 60 senators in my caucus don't agree with every piece. i know what we've sent over to cbo and will send tomorrow, not everyone is going to read every piece we sent over there. that doesn't mean we disagree on what we sent to them. >> a proposal to restrict abortion coverage and health care legislation. coming up later this hour live to capitol hill to talk about what this deal really means.
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and we're watching this from the hill for you. the house homeland security committee is expected to vote within hours on whether this couple will be subpoenaed, of course the so-called white house crashers, michaele and tareq salahi. on tuesday a lawyer said the couple would invoke their fifth amendment rights and refuse to testify on the security breach. we're wait to go see if they will be subpoenaed. a grand jury is hearing evidence again this man khalid shaikh mohammed as new york police commissioner ray kelly says the security costs for trying the accused terrorist is already way beyond the initial estimate. kelly is saying now the cost for keeping new yorkers safe during a trial would be much higher than the $75 million estimate chuck schumer gave last month. the commissioner is seeking help from the federal government to foot the extra security bill. they need things including sniper teams.
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and the fbi has order 0ed an independent review of the way the bureau handled information about the ft. hood shooting suspect before the deadly shootings happened. the fbi is tapping former bureau director william webster to conduct that investigation and an internal review is already under way and specifically investigators are looking into the way the fbi handled e-mails between the suspect major nidal hasan and a radical imam. a storm slamming the u.s. we told you about. it takes up more than half of the country. raining in the northeast, it's a whiteout in the midwest. there are blizzard warnings in much of iowa where strong winds are expected to cause drifts as high as 15 feet. over nebraska the plows are digging people out after they were pummeled by the snow and this, a live look from new york city, where the storm is already causing wind and a lot of rain this morning. we have team coverage of this major weather event happening. let's start now with john yang in waukesha, be wisconsin, where it looks like a post card but
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it's bad if you're trying to get to work out there. >> reporter: that is true, tamron. here in the midwest you appreciate scenes like this. it's falling at a steady clip right now and it is a wet, heavy snow. really heavy snow. it's bringing down tree limbs and power lines. about 10,000 people around here without power. that's about half what it was overnight. the crews have been working. the big threat the rest of the day is going to be the wind. it's going to pick up to gusts of about 40 miles an hour and that, of course, is going to be blowing all this wet, heavy snow around. it's already hard to clear because it's so heavy and that's going to make travel treacherous. that's the big threat already to the south and west of here where they're already having those heavy wind conditions and whiteout conditions. the wisconsin state transportation department has pulled plows off the roads until weather conditions improve. tamron? >> thank you very much, john. let's now bring in mike seidel.
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he's in johnston, iowa, where you can barely see you. what's going on? 15-feet snowdrifts and the wind is terrible. look at that. >> reporter: wow. aren't you glad you're in the studio? >> you can stand there and not say anything and we'll get the point. how long are they going to get beat up in iowa? >> reporter: well, this wind is going to continue -- it will slack down this evening. now the snow which stopped -- it's still snowing. the sun is out. this is like a summertime shower with the sun being out. the sun is out and it's still snowing. i want to thrown the snow up and you can see what the wind does to it not that i need to give it any help. i want to walk over here. you mentioned the drifts. we found four- or five-footers. it's like you're going fishing. all of these cars are pretty much stuck. they're not going to plow a lot of these lots until the wind stops blowing. it's futile. they're going to have to come back and plow them again. the guy did blow the sidewalk. that was a waste of time.
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now you can't even find the sidewalk again. look at some of these drifts, i'll probably get stuck in one. i'll probably get stuck in one of these -- there's one. now that's about 2 1/2, 3 feet. on the other side of the hotel we found some five footers. that's why travel is not recommended today. the best bet is sit tight, stay warm, and realize the wind is going to slowly slide after tomorrow. the temperatures tonight are going down to 5 to 10 below zero, the coldest night of the season. windchills right now in iowa ranging from about 15 below zero to 25 below zero to the west part of the state. a very wintry day out here, a very dangerous day. frostbite kind of weather. >> i don't want to keep you too long in those conditions but this is a huge storm we're talking about, the fact it is stretching pretty much across the country. this is a big one. >> reporter: it is. it's covered -- well, it's impacted two-thirds of the country. we had snow in california, flagstaff. yesterday we had wind damage in
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el paso. the wind from the storm, not a thunderstorm, wind gusts at 86 miles an hour and today we have snow this morning in new england, even new jersey, and now the wind and rain and huge, huge airport delays at laguardia and newark. just about everybody has had a piece of this storm this week. >> we kept you out long enough. hopefully you can get out of that hole on your own. look, he falls over. at least he's having fun in this. >> reporter: i'm okay. >> i know you're okay. thank you, mike. if you have a flight to catch today obviously you're going to need a lot of luck on up side before heading out. you probably need to call the airline. nbc news meteorologist bill karins is on it for us right now so you can bet a lot of delays. even when it rains there's a delay. when you talk about this, big problems. >> it may be lucky to get a delay. i'm sitting there looking at chicago. how do they have no delays? three-quarters of the flights are canceled. so in the midwest they knew the storm was coming and didn't even bother in a lot of cases.
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one of the most significant are in and around the tri-state area. all of the airports are at least an hour, the max is 2 1/2 at laguardia. that was from the heavy rain early this morning. it is gone now. hopefully it will play catch-up. heavier snows are just outside of boston and up through northern new england. we were talking about the windchill and this is the bigger story. dallas right now has a windchill of 15. that's the coldest of the sea n season. kansas city is at minus 7. and just to give you an idea what chicago is going through, they're at 33 today. the high temperature tomorrow is 13. tamron, first we had the snow and the wind and now it's going to be followed by a lot of extreme cold. >> oh, boy. all right, bill, thank you very much for that outlook. and if you're stuck in the snow or suffering delays or cancellations at the airport, you can show us what you're seeing. just send us your pictures to and we may be able to share some of your insight with the rest of the audience and the other story, are tiger's sponsors abandoning
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him? the nielsen company has said a commercial has not aired since the end of november. this as a 911 call from his family's home has been released. nbc's kerry sanders is in winter park, florida, and joins us now. let's start off, of course, with this new news that maybe some of the companies don't want to use tiger as their pitch man and we say maybe here. >> reporter: and i think it might be logical that at this point with tiger woods so much news and scandal around him while they may still have agreements with him that they are just deciding they're not going to run those ads right now and remove his image. as you know his negatives according to a cnn/"usa today" poll are certainly rising up from 9% to 25% so there's a lot more attention to the negative impact that is tarnishing tiger's image. so what company would want to go out there and have him right now in the midst of the scandal?
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at the same time there appears to be, you know, sort of new developments almost every day and we saw that again on tuesday at 2:30 in the morning when a 911 call was made. it turned out that his mother-in-law had taken ill. here's a portion of that 911 call. >> oh, my god! >> fire rescue. >> my mom just collapsed. >> okay, calm down, okay. what is the address. is she breathing? look, they're coming, okay? calm down for a minute so i can understand what's happening. >> she collapsed in the bathroom. >> is she breathing? >> what do i do? >> is she breathing? >> yeah, i just ran to the phone. hold on, hold on. >> okay. >> hold on. >> reporter: now we believe that call was made by elin, tiger's wife, calling about her mother who had flown over from sweden to spend some time with her. she was rushed to the hospital and less than 12 hours later with some sort of digestive, some sort of problem with her stomach. she was eventually released and
11:13 am
is now back according to the spokesman at the hospital at tiger woods' home. it's unclear whether tiger woods is under the same rooch as his wife elin and his mother-in-law because he has another house just around the corner, a half mile away, also in windomere which is behind a gated wall so it's very difficult to know that. tamr tamron? >> kerry, real quick, we've not heard anything publicly from tiger woods on camera and a lot of people are, you know, wondering with all of this pressure around him, is he eventually going to go on some program, oprah or somewhere? have we heard whether or not he's going to try to clear any of this mess up? >> reporter: well, he's probably going to be forced into it. there's been talk among those who are the experts about repairing and dealing with a damaged image, that oprah is the place to possibly go because of the way she conducts her interviews. it's unclear whether that's absolutely going to happen or whether it will ever happen. it's still one of these things that's still developing and now
11:14 am
we have i think the count is ten women, ten tiger cubs who are coming forward and saying they had relations with him. >> all right. thank you very much, kerry sanders. greatly appreciate it. and come up, sarah palin draws fire this morning for her comments on climate change after first saying it's real, why she is now jumping on with the doubters. plus, looking to sober up? well, forget about coffee. why a new study is debunking that old wives tale. and remember the one about the boy and the frozen pole? it seems another kid has gotten stuck in the same predicament. you cannot do it. it's in the movie and you won't believe how many more are admitting to doing this very same. hi, ellen! hi, ellen! hi, ellen! hi, ellen! we're going on a field trip to china! wow. [ chuckles ] when i was a kid, we -- we would just go to the -- the farm. [ cow moos ] [ laughter ]
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a lot of big cities, new york city, is trying to tackle obesity. in fact new york city's mayor, michael bloomberg, is asking 100 fitness instructors to volunteer their services to people in the city, help them get lean. the volunteers would work alongside paid instructors who are already providing free exercise classes. some harsh reaction today to sarah palin's op-ed in "the washington post." in the op-ed she calls on president obama to boycott the climate summit in copenhagen. but it's not over, just what palin has to say. the paper itself is taking heat for giving her a platform to question the science behind climate change. andy, thanks for joining us.
11:19 am
>> thanks for having me. >> so that excerpt i read, she is obviously referring to that big report that someone had hacked into the system and it was noted that scientists or at least some may have been fudging the information released to the public on climate change. first let's start off with sarah palin's beliefs here. what does she actually believe? >> well, i think what she actually believes, and she's careful on this, she smot someone who says climate change is not happening. she's not clear how much is man made and how much is the cycle. at the same time she is one of the harshest critics of those who want to implement restrictions. alaska a big oil producing state it is key for her. that's where she stands on this. >> i ask you that because this is what she said during the campaign on this very issue. let's play it be a get your thoughts. >> well, as the nation's arctic state and being the governor of that state, alaska fills and sees impact of climate change more so than any other state.
11:20 am
we know that it's real -- >> is that different from the op-ed she's written in "the washington post"? >> it's a little different. i think the most surprising thing about the op-ed it's a reheated kind of facebook post she had. a lot of the backlash to "the post" is over giving her the platform. there is really no argument that they can give them that platform, certainly she did that earlier with an op-ed in the post in the summer but this really surprisingly gives her that kind of platform. >> listen, here's what mark ambinder from "the atlantic" had to say. again, what is the problem with giving her an opportunity to say her stand?
11:21 am
if she is going to be considered a serious politician, she's got to get out and speak on serious issues like climate change and she can't just be talking about her -- the boy who would have been her son-in-law. >> i don't think there's any problem with giving her a platform especially to talk about issues. before she's talked about energy stuff in the post. the key here this column reads almost exactly like what she posted on facebook last week and may have been read by more people on facebook. she has a million people who subscribe to it. she made the same call for him to boycott copenhagen. it's an opportunity to repeat rather than issue something new or to throw in -- >> it's her facebook page put in this prestigious newspaper? >> it's tweet but, yeah, it reads a lot like that. >> we'll see what she has to say. maybe she will respond on her face back page which seems to be her favorite platform these days. thank you very much. and coming up today at 1:00 eastern, andrea mitchell will talk with former vice president
11:22 am
al gore about the politics of climate change. he has more to say about palin's op-ed and whether president obama should have tackled climate change before he took on health care. that's today at 1:00 eastern on "andrea mitchell reports." if you've ever reached for a hot cup of coffee to sober up after a wild night on the town, probably didn't work. researchers have done research on mice and it indicates caffeine does not counter the effects of alcohol. it only masks the inebriation leading drinkers to think they've sobered up when you actually have not sobered up. it makes it harder for people to realize they are under the influence. hmm. well, coming up, be careful what you wish for. a colorado woman learnsing in is really ever free or in her case $1. the buyer beware. certainly we all could learn from. plus, why a controversial reality tv show is drawing fire from italian-americans and some advertisers.
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make the most of both this holiday season with free shipping from l.l.bean. welcome back. in these economic times a lot of people are hoping to strike it rich with a little bit of luck and a lot of real or getting lucky with a sweep stake or a giveaway. what some don't realize the, quote, free prizes can come with a hefty price. one woman who won what should have been her dream home in a raffle realized she got more than she bargained for. diana olick, this woman won that beautiful house we just showed, valued at over $1 million but then what happened? >> reporter: those are the key words, once valued at over $1 million, not valued at that today. now here's what happened this woman bought a raffle ticket
11:27 am
because there was a guy in edge water, maryland, who couldn't sell his house thanks to the wonderful housing market, so he decided instead of trying to sell it he would raffle it off at $50 a ticket and hopefully get enough tickets to get $1 million which is what the home was worth $1.2 million. he sold over a little over a million dollars and this one woman in colorado who thought she was just buying a raffle ticket as kind of a charity thing, ended up winning the house. you think, be great, she won be a brand-new house, isn't that fabulous? it turns out when you win a house worth over $1 million, you have to pay income taxes on it and that bill will be about $300,000 not to mention the property taxes, maintenance and upkeep. this woman thought, okay, i'll just sell the house and pocket the money and there's my winnings. well, remember the housing market. the first guy couldn't sell the house. she couldn't sell the house. she started back last summer trying to sell this house, kept lowering and lowering the price to $700,000, $600,000.
11:28 am
finally she sold it back to the church that was part of the raffle. she had to then donate $200,000 back to the church to offset the taxes on that sale and then pay more taxes on it. good news is she did, in the end, get $200,000 cash which we know is not chump change in the economy. that helped her pay down her own mortgage in colorado and help her kids do a couple of things. good news in the end but she said she was so stressed out over the past year trying to unload this house that she is never going to buy another raffle ticket again. >> you're right $200,000 is a lot of money but the heartache and stress, her husband to do substantial work on the house. >> reporter: they don't even live near it in maryland. >> commuting trying to fix up the house. shouldn't there be some kind of better warning? i remember we did a story. >> reporter: we did the warnings back then, said, look, you have to pay taxes. if you win $1 million home you
11:29 am
take out a mortgage, take out a $300,000 mortgage but she lost her job just after she won the house and i don't know if she couldn't qualify or just didn't want the house because it was going to cost so much more anyway. you have to be really careful when you're looking to win these big prizes what it's really going to mean especially in housing. >> the guy was trying to unload the house because of his own financial problems and one example how a dream home turned into a nightmare. >> reporter: welcome to today's housing market. >> so true. for more, check out diana's blog, realtycheck. every holiday season it shows you cannot lick a frozen pole and get away with it. a 10-year-old boise, idaho, boy found out after getting into a sticky situation the fire department came to his rescue. they had to use a glass of warm water to free him.
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welcome back.
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senate democrats have tentatively agreed to drop a government-run public insurance option from the health care reform bill. a new poll shows 56% support the so-called public option, so what is the deal that was made? nbc's luke russert is live for us on capitol hill so, luke, what deal did they reach and what would this mean? >> reporter: well, what we had developing last night, tamron, is effectively a compromise between the progressives and the moderates of the democratic party. what this compromise is, essentially getting rid of the opt-out public option that was originally in the bill by senator reid and what we will see folks will be allowed to enter into a health insurance plan that is not for profit but run by private companies under slightly the direction of the government. progressives aren't very comfortable with this but in order to reach this compromise they did get some concessions. number one, uninsured folks will buy into medicare at age 55 in
11:35 am
2011, three years before the reforms take place. secondly, folks, the money they put towards their insurance, the premiums, 90% of that has to go to medical care and not administrative costs. also, we might see possibly a trigger option that if this doesn't satisfy enough people on the left or a few years the cost of insurance does not go down, maybe they revisit that government-run public option we've been hearing so much about. but this definitely is a concession more to moderate democrats. by the end of the day the left realized they were not going to be able to get this done. moderates put their feet in the mud really hard. >> right. and, luke, we have this new quinnipiac poll asking people, do you approve of the current senate health care proposal? 38% approve. 52% disapprove. as you mentioned this was breaking last night. i was watching on keith olbermann and rachel maddow and you kept hearing the theme from the lawmakers it was a compromise, that everybody can't get all that they want here and
11:36 am
this was the best way they could settle all the scores as you point out. >> reporter: it really was, tamron. for the past few months a lot of liberals and progressives held out this belief that, you know what, the moderates have come onboard. they would support a public option. they were just kind of posturing for their constituents and trying to get in the news and show that, you know what, they were against this government-run plan but they would come onboard in the end. it turns out they really were serious. they really, really were tar heels, shall we say, and not willing to move. some liberals feel okay about this especially the medicare at age 55. some liberals are calling a public option for older americans, tamron. >> right. and governor howard dean was on with keith and this is something he proposed. >> reporter: it's his idea from '04. >> it sure is. thank you very much, luke. we appreciate it. >> reporter: take care. and we have a live picture from 30 rock outside of our studio here in new york city where the cold rain is still falling. it's part of a storm system causing blinding blizzard conditions in the midwest.
11:37 am
that storm has already claimed the lives of five people all as a result of traffic accidents and now it is the northeast's turn for a wintry mix. the weather channel's julie martin is in times square. she joins us now. julie, i have to say though people are complaining about the rain here, the picture behind you much more peaceful than mike seidel. >> reporter: absolutely. it's not stopping the holiday shoppers here in new york, of course a very popular time of year to visit manhattan, but it is causing some travel troubles. a couple hour delays in and out of new york as a result of heavy rain this morning but it's not just here in manhattan, actually elsewhere in new york and in new jersey where this rain was actually snow. in fact, some areas of new jersey, ctamron, the higher elevations, got upwards of 7 inches this morning and in upstate new york albany 5 to 7 inches still coming down up there as well. we're also anticipating a lake-effect event to be setting in in upstate new york tonight
11:38 am
to add to that. so by saturday we could be seeing as much as three feet of snow in some areas of northern new york. so back here in manhattan, the heaviest rain's now moved out, just part of a messy, miserable day if you're heading out to do some shopping. >> thank you very much, julie. in the race to fill ted kennedy's seat massachusetts attorney general martha coakley took a big step towards shattering the state's political glass ceiling. >> they said women don't have much luck in massachusetts politics. and we believed that it was quite possible that luck was about to change, and change it did tonight! >> coakley easily won yesterday's special democratic primary. she will take on state senator scott brown, who won the republican primary, in a general election. reporter for "the washington post," what do you make of coakley really emphasizing women have not had luck in massachusetts, according to her, but this may change everything.
11:39 am
>> it's true the state has not had a governor or senator who is a woman and she was very likely because massachusetts is a democratic state, she's very likely to win the election in january and not only would she break dead last, she was the first person not sort of the kennedy family director or one of their close allies to hold the seat since the 1950s. >> you know, speaking of the kennedy family, they release add statement saying martha coakley will represent the people of massachusetts with honor and deep commitment. what i have to ask you, also, you have this statement, democrats warning of scott brown having a lot of potential strength in this race. they say he's an attractive, articulate, moderate republican who could tap into the unrest among voters. it would be a terrible mistake. what do we make of that, compare these two candidates and why they cannot rest their heels. >> reporter: yes, brown has a moderate record, as i said, and
11:40 am
coakley has ran statewide but only for attorney general. she is not as if john kerry is running for the seat. she is still entered as the favorite there. she's had a lot of help from bill clinton campaigned for her, a lot of the unions campaigned. and bill clinton did a lot of the unions for her. she'll have the on the ground operation that really helps a democrat win in that state. >> perry bacon, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> and here are the top headlines we're following right now on msnbc. the los angeles city council is expected to vote on medical marijuana. an ordinance to reduce the number of pot dispensaries. city officials estimate as many as 1,000 in los angeles alone. former "today" show anchor bryant gumbel has announced he is being treated for lung canster. gumbel says he had surgery last month to remove a malignant tumor in his chest near his lung. and is fast food healthier for you than school lunches? according to a report from "usa today," schoolchildren across the united states are eating meat that falls short of the
11:41 am
safety standards of many fast food restaurants. mystery meat. well, it's the controversial reality show on mtv that has a lot of people talking called "jersey shores." it highlights eight guys and girls living in one house on the jersey shore. it has a lot of people up in arms calling it racist and stereotypical. the show profiles guys who call themselves guidos and the girls are guidoettes, tanned to the nines. >> i was born and raised, it's just a lifestyle of being italian, representing family, friends, tanning and gel, i have a tanning bed in my place, how serious i am. >> my ultimate dream is to move to jersey, find a nice juiced, hot, tan guy and live my life. >> great aspirations. many are speaking out against the show and one of their
11:42 am
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welcome back. we have tape to bring you from nashville, tennessee, whereby the christmas tree at the tennessee capitol has snapped. capitol crews were alerted to the downs tree this morning. they said the tree was tethered down by several wire cables but that three of the cables were snapped loose by the heavy wind. we've been talking about this storm system stretching across part of the country. heavy snow in a iowa and the midwest, high wind in the new york city area and obviously high winds in tennessee as well where the christmas tree at the tennessee capitol snapped under all the weight of the wind and
11:46 am
the cables there gave way. now to the stories topping today's world view. the iraqi prime minister is calling for patience in wake of tuesday's bomb attacks that killed at least 127 people in baghdad. the government is under fire for security lapses following the attacks. a third against government buildings since the summer. funerals are being held today for the victims of those attacks. greenpeace activists used the roman coliseum as a backdrop to call for a global agreement on greenhouse gas emissions. demonstrators climbed the side of that historic coliseum and unfurled a banner calling on delegates at the climate change conference in copenhagen to, quote, make history now. and a statue of young president barack obama was assembled in jakarta today. the statue will be officially unveiled tomorrow to coincide with the president's nobel peace prize. the six-foot-stall statue of a 10-year-old obama is in a park near where the president played as a child when he lived there. right now on capitol hill general david petraeus, the u.s. commander in charge of the
11:47 am
middle east, is taking his turn in the hot seat, you might say, defending the president's new strategy in afghanistan. this as president karzai told defense secretary robert gates that afghanistan will need the u.s. help for at least another 15 years. gates spoke to nbc's matt lauer on "today." >> to be honest, it did surprise me a little bit but the reality is as their forces expand and ours begin to draw down, the cost for us will decline and the truth of the matter is they will begin to assume a greater proportion of this. >> nbc's jim miklaszewski live at the pentagon. so, jim, obviously the president when he gave that big speech on afghanistan, did not mention 15 years. many have speculated about the real commitment that was not indicated in his speech and how long our troops would be there. >> reporter: one of the biggest challenges, of course, is to train up the afghan security forces and there's a whole host of reasons why that's going to take longer than the white house
11:48 am
has predicted and certainly wants. first of all, most of the afghans who join those security forces don't have even the most basic military or police skills unlike the forces that were trained up in iraq. many of them are illiterate and have to be trained to read and write. one of the most mitigating factors is the fact that for now the taliban, those enemy forces there in afghanistan, pay more than the afghan military and police forces can pay so they're going to have to increase that pay. you know, but general petraeus and n his testimony today said one of the best recruiting tools would be for the surge of u.s. military forces in afghanistan to stop the taliban momentum and turn that tide around because, he said, you know, that's one of the best recruiting tools because most people want to be on the winning side and, you know, in speaking of winning, general stan mcchrystal, the top u.s. military commander in
11:49 am
afghanistan, was asked during testimony yesterday how important it is to get osama bin laden, and he came up with quite a surprising answer, actually. >> it would not defeat al qaeda to have him captured or killed, but i don't think that we can finally defeat al qaeda until he is captured or killed. >> reporter: that is the highest ranking u.s. military or civilian official to say how significant it would be to get osama bin laden and, by the way, u.s. officials still acknowledge that they don't have a clue as to exactly where osama bin laden is today, tamron. >> all right, jim miklaszewski live at the pentagon. thanks, mick. a chicago man is being arraigned in an illinois courtroom for his alleged involvement in the deadly terror attacks in mumbai, india, last year. 49-year-old david headley is accused of conspiring in those attacks that left 166 people dead and is apparently cooperating with federal prosecutors. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams live for us out of
11:50 am
washington. do we know any more about this cooperation from headley? >> reporter: no. right now in chicago. the reason we believe that he's cooperating is twofold. first of all, the government said when they unveiled the new charges against him that they had permission from his lawyer to say that he was cooperating. and secondly, the kind of document that was filed in court is the kind the government typically files when it expects that the person charged will plead guilty. so you put those two things together, and it does look like he's cooperating. although, i don't think there's going to be any dramatic development on that today. he will be advised of the new charges. headley was already in federal custody. he was arrested earlier this year and charged with a plot to attack a danish newspaper that published those controversial cartoons about the prophet mohammed. the new charges go much further and say he took five trips to mumbai, india, and cased out the targets that were eventually attacked a year ago by terrorists from pakistan in which nearly 170 people were
11:51 am
killed. they say he even got a boat and went around the harbor looking for the right places for the terrorists to land their rubber rafts which is how they came with their weapons and staged their deadly attacks. >> all right. pete williams, thank you very much for the latest. we will update our audience after the hearing when we learn more. thank you, sir. we have live pictures from washington. we are waiting on president obama to speak at a meeting at the white house with congressional leaders from both parties. they are discussing jobs and this economy. the president going to deliver some statement to the press right after this meeting. we will keep an eye on it and bring it to you live. ( whooshing )
11:52 am
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welcome back here. a few stories you won't want to miss. watch this -- cam video. a man trying to avoid florida police when he ran off the road and was launched 20 feet into the air. the driver hit several trees before he landed in the road. he is in critical condition.
11:55 am
another -- cam video captured this video. it looked like a routine collision between a car and truck but it turns out the car's driver's foot was stuck on the gas pedal. mott sure how that happens but that's what they said. a wisconsin man accused of killing of an off-duty police officer and her boyfriend had to be subdued by a stun gun in court after he stood up and shout out profanities at people in the courtroom. there stories we noticed and wanted to share with you. we are also keeping a live look at the white house. president obama have been a bipartisan meeting on the economy and trying to get people back to work. we are doing to bring in the president as soon as he steps up to that podium. thank you for joining me for this hour. i'm tamron hall. i will see you back here, of course, 3:00 p.m. eastern time alongside david shuster, dr. nancy snyderman picks up our coverage from here. >> hi, tamron. we will follow the president because all eyes are on the white house today as he announce as stimulus package. part of the recovery act that focuses on 85 health clinics
11:56 am
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that won't go down -- guaranteed. call fidelity at... for details about guaranteed income for life, and change the way you think about your retirement savings. coming up today, senate leaders wrap up white house meeting after the democrats broke their stalemate. dropping the public option. the health care reform bill. and tiger's done it. chances are your kids have, too. sexting is rampant. how you can find out if your kids are doing it. plus this. >> i'm a lesbian and it was later in life recognition of that fact. i got involved with someone i never expected to get involved with. and it was that kind of awakening. >> coming out later in life. why women, like actress meredith


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